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Update 3 October 2012 04:10 CEST:

The ATV-3 mission ended at 03:23 CEST today with reentry over the Pacific. The tracker applet below is no longer functioning. It will be updated after ATV-4 launch in 2013!


Our tracker shows the real-time orbital location of ATV-3 and the ISS. It will automatically update after undocking at 23:46 CEST 28 Sep and – using data supplied by the flight dynamics team at ATV-CC – will then show the free-flight, independent location of ATV-3.

Note: The ISS and ATV-3 should be visible around 06:00 CEST, Saturday 29 September, from large parts of Europe (a bit less so on Sunday). Keen to get photos? Click here for details on our fabulous ATV Orbital Photo Contest.

To get a location update: for ISS for ATV.

In fact, both bright dots should be seen travelling together, and it should be possible to snap a photo of both in the same frame.

Development of the ATV tracker was led by Ciprian Sufitchi at – ‘N2YO’ is his amateur radio call sign. Chip is a software developer who works on geo-spatial web applications in his spare time. Since 2011, Chip has done a great job getting the ATV orbit posted online as soon after lift-off and orbit determination as possible.

Thanks also to the experts on the ATV flight dynamics team at ATV-CC Toulouse (especially Laurent!). Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors, CC BY-SA

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