UPDATE 12.02.2013

Just heard from NASA astro Mike Fossum! This video was, indeed, shot during a reboost provided by our very own ATV-2.

One of the crucial tasks of all ATVs is Station reboosting. Here’s a very interesting and fun-scientific video that shows what it’s like to be inside the ISS when it’s being accelerated – in this case, not by ATV but it’s the same effect. The Station accelerates forward while the astronauts – who are in free-flight orbit around Earth (albeit in side the station) – drift backwards, relative to the Station. Newton was really right!

Caption from ReelNASA: As the International Space Station is boosted into a higher orbit, Expedition 29 Commander Mike Fossum and Flight Engineers Satoshi Furukawa and Sergei Volkov float freely to demonstrate the acceleration of the orbiting complex.

Uploaded by ReelNASA on 27 Oct 2011