Last, best picture of ATV Johannes Kepler

One of the last, best pictures of ATV Johannes Kepler taken just a few moments after it undocked from the Russian module of the ISS, 20 June 2011. Photos credit: Cosmonaut Alexander Samokutyaev via Roscosmos.

ATV Johannes Kepler undocking. Credit: Roscosmos

ATV Johannes Kepler undocking. Credit: Roscosmos



  • Gerard says:

    This is the second ATV, and the third (ATV-03) which is called Edoardo Amaldi is planned for 29 February 2012. Is it required at least one time a year? How many ATV are planned? Thanks!

    • Daniel says:


      The current contracts for ATVs cover three more ATVs beyond Johannes Kepler through 2015 as planned under the current agreement with the ISS partners. One vehicle can be produced every 12-18 months.

      ATV3 is due for launch in February 2012, but many factors can affect this. The best way to stay informed is… follow the ATV blog.


      — Daniel

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