Interior of the ATV simulator showing the vessel in "in-flight" configuration

Just in from Mike Steinkopf, ESA mission director at ATV-CC: O2 transfer to the ISS ended at 19:08 CET: ‘transfer was successful’. The gas delivery ran for about 3 hours. Mike adds: “In the meantime, ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli finished today’s planned cargo transfer to ISS.” More details on this via NASA:

While the (O2) repress(urization) was going on, astronauts Coleman & Nespoli performed cargo transfer activities in ATV. These included:

  • TSR (Temporary Stowage Rack) deployment
  • Removal of large stowage bags (M-Bags) from the rack front and stowing them temporarily out of the way
  • Retrieving a delivered RFTA (Recycle Filter Tank Assembly) & transferring it to the PMM for stowage
  • Removing two adapter plates to access rack cargo

Special attention was given to the location of a CTB (Cargo Transfer Bag) with ESA’s FSL (Fluid Science Laboratory) experiment ‘Geoflow’, which will be set up tomorrow.