It’s a busy day for ATV Johannes Kepler, the astronauts on board the ISS and the mission controllers at ATV-CC in Toulouse!

After this morning’s reboost, which gave the ISS an extra push of about 2.1 m/s and was overseen by ATV-CC, the crew have now started the second O2 (Oxygen) transfer to the ISS. The valve on the gas control panel was opened about an hour ago at 16:52 CET, and the gas is now flowing into ATV and from there it will be distributed via the inter-module ventilation system to the rest of ISS.

“This transfer is expected to increase the overall ISS air pressure by 5mm Hg and is scheduled to last about three hours and transfer about 8kg of oxygen to the ISS. For crew, this means a bit of ‘fresh air’ on board Station,” says ESA’s Mike Steinkopf, sitting in the mission director’s console position this afternoon at ATV-CC.

There will also be a dry cargo transfer today, and we’ll get more details on that activity later.