Orbit visualisations – 25/26 May 2015

These three animations give you an accurate visualisation of the three orbits that will be dedicated to the VMC Schools campaign next week. We’ll Ask the MEX team to explain these in detail during Friday’s ESAHangout. They are posted below in the order in which they’ll be flown.

What you see in them is VMC’s view of Mars during the observations.

Video 1 – DOY 145 (25 May) Orbits 14456,14457 14458 Starting at 05:25 to 21:00

Video 2 DOY 146 (26 May) Orbit 14459 Stating 03:00 – 08:00.

Video 3 Doy 146 (26 May) Orbit 14461 -14462 Starting 21:30 – 06:45

One thought on “Orbit visualisations – 25/26 May 2015

  1. Which settings must be used in Celestia to get these videos with the lineof sight pointed towards the center of Mars?
    I tried several combinations but without satisfactory results. Thanks.

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