The nice folks over at The Planetary Society are commissioning a set of three fantastic posters celebrating robotic spacecraft. And get this: The three missions to be featured will be chosen by public vote! Naturally, the team here on the Mars Express blog believe passionately that Europe’s first mission to another planet should be one of the selectees, but we need help to do it. Obviously, here’s where you come in… 🙂

Why vote for us?

Mars Express - 10 year mission highlights Credit: ESA

Mars Express – 10 year mission highlights Credit: ESA


In the 10 years we’ve spent orbiting Mars, there have been many mission highlights and achievements. These include:

  • Detecting water ice at the Martian Poles
  • Performing the closest ever flyby of Phobos (58km)
  • Supported the landers and rovers Spirit, Opportunity, Phoenix and MSL
  • Imaged the Martian surface in stereo to produce results like this fantastic fly through of the Valles Marineris
  • VMC – the Mars Webcam – supporting public outreach and providing great images of the entire planet with new updates going online as soon as they arrive on ground

… plus many more fabulous highlights (see our poster here)!

The Planetary Society contest website is located:

Remember, every vote counts! #VoteMEX