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Luca and company

After the successful launch of Soyuz 36S at 20:58 GMT, the new expedition crew arrived after a short voyage at 2:48 GMT. The new and old crew had a warm welcome at 4:34 GMT and finished activities in the morning … Continue reading

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Luca’s weekend – and ours

After the successful launch of Cygnus last week we were expecting the spaceship to arrive on Sunday. The weekend plans were uploaded and all teams and activities involved with the capture of the space vehicle were ready to go. Control … Continue reading

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Awaiting the next resupply ship

Volare mission director Roland Luettgens sends an update on the next spacecraft to visit the International Space Station: The crew on the International Space Station is getting ready for receiving another visiting vehicle at the end of this week. After … Continue reading

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Departures and arrivals

The noun ‘station’, contrary to the verb, brings to mind images of movement: the coming and going of travellers, vehicles, goods. On the International Space Station in recent weeks we have had a demonstration of the possibilities offered by our … Continue reading

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@Astro_Luca and the space robots

As I prepare to run a new experiment on the Space Station I cannot not help but think, once again, of the movie Star Wars. In one famous scene the young Luke Skywalker is trained to use his powers with … Continue reading

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Luca to robot: do you copy?

Hundreds of kilometres below his floating feet, a robot on Earth obeyed Luca’s commands from space. It was the first time the European astronaut remotely operated NASA’s K10 planetary rover, a little four-wheel steer robot that scouted a rocky, lunar-like … Continue reading

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Fear and other demons

One of the questions I am often asked is: “Are you astronauts ever afraid?” It is a question that always surprises me and I find it difficult to answer the question in just a few words. The temptation to answer … Continue reading

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