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Another day in the life of a Gaia test engineer

In the middle of last night, we received in Kourou a disturbing call from the Gaia control centre, located in Darmstadt, Germany. Although for us it was middle of the night, it was already morning in the control centre. So what happened? Although often announced in the media as having the biggest camera on board that has ever flown in space, Gaia does not actually take pictures in the sense as you and me taking pictures on a holiday trip. Instead, it rather tracks the stars across its sensors as the telescopes rotates and the field of view moves across the star filled sky. In order to do so, a constant readout...

Operations rehearsal 4

Once Gaia is flying it will send a daily stream of scientific data to Earth. The Missions Operations Centre receive this and transfer it to the Science Operations Centre in the European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC), the ESA establishment near Madrid in Spain.  At ESAC, “Initial Data Treatment” is carried out as well as running the First Look software to assess the instrument health. The processed data is then sent to the other data processing centres around Europe (Barcelona, Cambridge, Geneva, Turin and Toulouse).  A group of payload experts also look at this data to confirm the performance of the instrument. Depending on what the payload experts find, small changes or calibration...

Update from the Gaia Operations team

There’s a detailed technical backgrounder today over at ESA’s Rocket Science blog reporting on the Gaia mission operations testing campaign. It was written by the Spacecraft Operations Manager, Dave Milligan, and covers what’s happening at ESA’s ESOC Operations Centre as the mission gets closer to lift off. Well worth a read! Access full report