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MSG-3 delivers first image

MSG-3 today captured its first image of Earth with its Spinning Enhanced Visible and Infrared Imager (SEVIRI). After performing the critical 11-day Launch and Early Orbit Phase (LEOP), ESA officially handed MSG-3 operations over to Eumetsat on 16 July for the commissioning operations. Commissioning will last about six months and includes checking that the imaging service is fully functional and delivers high-quality products for weather forecasting. This first image demonstrates that MSG-3 is performing well and is on its way to taking over operational service.

MSG-3 fuelled

 The MSG-3 satellite has now been fully fuelled, marking a major milestone in the launch campaign. Yesterday, the team finished loading 365 kg of liquid fuel (Monomethyl Hydrazine, MMH). This follows the earlier fuelling with liquid oxidizer (Mixed Oxides of Nitrogen, MON). In total, the fuel has increased the mass of MSG-3 by about a ton. MSG-3 will now be installed on the launcher adapter. On Monday, it will be moved to the Final Assembly Building, BAF, for integration on the launcher later next week. The launcher and EchoStar 17 (co-passenger) activities are also proceeding as planned.  

MSG-3: Gearing up for launch

With third Meteosat Second Generation (MSG-3) set to liftoff on 5 July from Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, the team on site has be busy over the last weeks preparing the satellite for launch. Most recently, the launch adapter has been thoroughly inspected. The adapter is an essential component as it connects the launcher with the satellite. A clamp band secures satellite to the adapter. A few minutes after launch, the clamp band opens and six springs around the upper ring push the satellite away from the adapter. This is a critical stage of the launch sequence, signalling ‘separation’.  Engineers from Thales Alenia Space have carefully checked the position of the...