The MSG-3 satellite has now been fully fuelled, marking a major milestone in the launch campaign.

Not your everyday wardrobe! Protective ‘SCAPE’ suits have to be worn for fuelling. (credits: ESA/C. Soulez-Lariviere)

Yesterday, the team finished loading 365 kg of liquid fuel (Monomethyl Hydrazine, MMH). This follows the earlier fuelling with liquid oxidizer (Mixed Oxides of Nitrogen, MON).

In total, the fuel has increased the mass of MSG-3 by about a ton.

Gérald and Eric from the Thales fuelling team getting ready ( ESA/C. Soulez-Lariviere)

MSG-3 will now be installed on the launcher adapter. On Monday, it will be moved to the Final Assembly Building, BAF, for integration on the launcher later next week.

The launcher and EchoStar 17 (co-passenger) activities are also proceeding as planned.