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Sentinel-5P mission control team in 'sim' training at ESOC on 7 September 2017. Credit: ESA

ESOC readies for Sentinel-5P

Daniel Mesples talk with us about the training and preparations for 5P launch at ESA’s mission control centre in Germany.

MSG-4 launch timeline

On 15 July, a powerful Ariane launcher will loft Europe’s final Meteosat Second Generation weather satellite into orbit from Kourou, French Guiana. For the mission control team at ESA, liftoff will mark the end of months of...

Sentinel-2A good for launch tonight

With fuelling of the launcher’s AVUM upper stage completed on Thursday and the launch rehearsed on Friday, all is ready for liftoff tonight set for 03:52 CEST (22:52 local time on 22 June). The men and women...

Sentinel-2 Mission Control Team simulation training 28 April 2015 ESA/L. Guilpain CC BY-SA IGO 3.0


The Sentinel-2 Mission Control Team are conducting intensive simulation training at ESOC in Darmstadt today, preparing for launch in June.

Sentinel-1A launch team at ESOC on L-1 day. Credit: ESA/J. Mai

Mission control team at ESOC today

After the final preflight briefing held at 12:00GMT today at ESOC, the Sentinel-1A Mission Control Team gathered with the extended ‘team of teams’ that support launches for the traditional team photo. During the briefing, each team presented...

At ESOC, 13 March 2014. Credit: ESA

Training the teams for launch

A few nice photos showing the Mission Control Team at ESOC, Darmstadt, conducting intensive launch simulation training for Sentinel-1a on 13 March 2014. During the ‘sim’ session, simulation officers (working unseen in a separate control room) injected...

Tracking stations ready for Swarm launch

Live check via voice loop from the Main Control Room at ESOC. GOM Sam Peterson is speaking with tracking stations at Troll, Svalbard and Kiruna. ESA’s Swarm satellites set for lift off in less than 3 hours.

Final team briefing at ESOC for Swarm launch

There are about 100 people in the conference room at ESOC today, running through a final confirmation that everything is ready for Swarm launch tomorrow. Representatives from ground facilities, mission operations, flight dynamics, software systems and the project are giving their final status report. The result? ESOC is ready for launch! ESA's Juan Piñeiro on stage at #ESOC in today's final team briefing for tomorrow's 13:02CET launch #swarmmission pic.twitter.com/lsbD4bb1Nx — ESA Operations (@esaoperations) November 21, 2013

Swarm: Final launch rehearsal goes fine

We spoke with ESA’s Spacecraft Operations Manager Juan Piñeiro earlier this morning: Yesterday’s full ‘dress rehearsal’ went fine! The penultimate day-long event involved everyone working on the Swarm launch, including the mission control teams at ESOC, the launch campaign teams at Plesetsk, Eurockot, the ground tracking stations at Kiruna and Svalbard and representatives from the satellites’ manufacturer. The rehearsal followed the complete launch sequence from about 10 hours before lift off, set for 13:02 CET, to the first acquisition of signals. Swarm mission teams conducted the ‘dress rehearsal’ for launch on 19 November 2013 in the Main Control Room at ESOC and in the launch control centre at Plesetsk. Credit: ESA/F. Diekman At...

Swarm teams training at ESOC

A great update today from ESA’s Catherine Watson, on the Swarm project team and actually now in Plesetsk, describing activities back at ‘mission control’ – ESOC. She wrote: “We are having a quiet phase here in Plesetsk and it would be a good opportunity to describe how the teams at ESOC in Darmstadt are also rather busy with Swarm preparations.” Back at Mission Control Preparations are continuing in the Mission Operation Centre, housed within ESA’s ESOC facility in Darmstadt, for the Launch and Commissioning Phase. Colleagues from the Swarm Project Team at ESTEC and from an Industrial team have joined the Flight Operation team at ESOC to prepare for launch day. Their first...