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L-1: Update from Plesetsk

ESA’s Swarm mission to study the Earth’s magnetic field is on its launch pad! Lift off is currently scheduled at 13:02 CET, 22 November 2013, on top of a Rockot launcher from Plesetsk in Northern Russia. This...

From red tags to the launch pad

From Catherine (ESA) 18 November It’s been a busy weekend. Following the satellite assembly being joined to the Rockot Breeze upper stage on Friday, the next task was to remove all the red tagged items. Parts that have to be removed before the satellites are encapsulated are marked with red tags.  There were 83 red tag items on each satellite, with 28 for the thrusters alone on each satellite. All the items were laid out on a table, one table for each satellite so they could be counted and recorded as having been removed. Sylvain (ESA), Klaus and Lutz (Astrium) had a very busy day counting and recounting to be sure everything...

Yes ! We finally did it!

From Damiano (ESA), Baikonur, 10 September MetOp-B is in its Soyuz fairing ready to be transported to the Mik-40 for  integration on the launcher. It’s been a very busy two weeks here in Baikonur. Getting closer to the end of the campaign, in fact, means also having less time to recover any time spent in solving unexpected issues. And, unfortunately, we’ve had a few …. so, busy long days for the teams. However, we got the green light in the end and we can move closer to the launch pad.  After fuelling MetOp we started the combined operation with the launcher. First the spacecraft was mated to the launcher adapter and, in...

MSG-3 encapsulated in the Ariane 5 fairing

Encapsulation of the MSG satellite went ahead as planned on 27 June. This means that the configuration of the launcher is now complete with MSG and its co-passenger, EchoStar, inside the rocket’s faring. EchoStar is in upper position in the fairing and MSG below. With this new milestone complete, the final steps before launch on 5 July will include functional tests, launch rehearsal, readiness review and rollout to the launch pad.