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Testing Sentinel-2A

Wolfgang Pitz from Airbus Defence and Space joins the ‘Earth from Space’ video programme in the cleanroom at IABG in Munich to discuss testing the Sentinel-2A satellite.

Close up in the cleanroom

With yesterday’s arrival of Marco Cesa, Adriano Carbone and Paul Snoeij, our ESA team is growing. They managed a really good look at the Sentinel-1A satellite in the cleanroom, which was nice. Thales Alenia Space has finished...

Swarm preparations on track

From Claudia (ESA), 1 October 2013 Everything is going according to plan here in Plesetsk and we have one of the satellites fuelled. The three satellites are identical so are named FM1, FM2 FM3, where FM means ‘flight model’. Following the fuelling of the first satellite, FM3, pressure adjustments and the latch valve end-to-end test are still to be carried out today. Yesterday, FM2 passed the health check for the ‘absolute scalar magnetometer’, which will measure the strength of the magnetic field to greater accuracy than any other magnetometer. In addition, simulations were carried out for satellite’s accelerometer. FM1’s battery has also had its first charge. With three satellites to launch there’s...

Three in a row

From Gianfranco (ESA), 22 September 2013 The third Swarm satellite arrived safely in Plesetsk at the weekend, on Saturday 21 September. I personally accompanied the satellite on its trip from Munich to Plesetsk. Space for passengers on the Ilyushin IL-76 was pretty tight, but it was an interesting experience. Custom clearance at Arkhangelsk, or Archangel, went very smoothly. This third flight completes the shipment for the Swarm launch campaign. In total, we have shipped six 6 metre-long containers carrying more than 60 000 kg of cargo. We spent the rest of the weekend continuing with the tasks of unpacking and setting up in the MIK. By 15.00 on Sunday we had the...