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Swarm goes into commissioning

Following Friday’s successful launch, the next critical milestone has been reached – the launch and early orbit phase, LEOP, is complete and the mission is now being commissioned. Immediately following separation, the three satellites started transmitting their...


Lift off!

Clip showing the start of ESA’s Swarm mission. Lift off took place at 13:22 CET, 22 November, 2013, from Plesetsk, Russia.

Liftoff for Swarm!

Launched on schedule at 13:02 from Plesetsk. Good luck for the rest of the journey into orbit!


Access our live Swarm launch webcast starting at 11:45 CET via

Tracking stations ready for Swarm launch

Live check via voice loop from the Main Control Room at ESOC. GOM Sam Peterson is speaking with tracking stations at Troll, Svalbard and Kiruna. ESA’s Swarm satellites set for lift off in less than 3 hours.

Media coming to ESOC for Swarm launch

Over 40 local and international media are expected at ESOC in Darmstadt today to cover Swarm launch. Jonathan Amos of the BBC is one of them. (Now checking if sr. management approves of his fabulous hashtag ‘#spacerats’ – Ed.) Heading for Darmstadt and @esaoperations to cover the #SwarmMission launch – These satellites look like #spacerats — Jonathan Amos (@BBCAmos) November 21, 2013 And then later – after a successful launch! The @ESA DG Jean-Jacques Dordain doesn't really buy my #spacerats image of the #SwarmMission. But we agree we both like #ratatouille — Jonathan Amos (@BBCAmos) November 22, 2013

Swarm cake!

In anticipation of a successful launch today – of course you need cake! Victoria Anne Ridley (left) and Dr Ciaran Beggan (right), geomagnetic field researchers from the British Geological Survey in Edinburgh, UK, celebrate today’s Swarm launch...

Rockot launcher fully fuelled

News just in 18:30 (CET): the Rockot launcher is now fully fuelled – ready and waiting to take the three Swarm satellites into orbit.


L-1: Update from Plesetsk

ESA’s Swarm mission to study the Earth’s magnetic field is on its launch pad! Lift off is currently scheduled at 13:02 CET, 22 November 2013, on top of a Rockot launcher from Plesetsk in Northern Russia. This...

Final team briefing at ESOC for Swarm launch

There are about 100 people in the conference room at ESOC today, running through a final confirmation that everything is ready for Swarm launch tomorrow. Representatives from ground facilities, mission operations, flight dynamics, software systems and the project are giving their final status report. The result? ESOC is ready for launch! ESA's Juan Piñeiro on stage at #ESOC in today's final team briefing for tomorrow's 13:02CET launch #swarmmission — ESA Operations (@esaoperations) November 21, 2013

Swarm launch timeline

Find below an outline timeline for the launch of Swarm on 22 November 2013. See notes below table for details. All times subject to change. Follow launch live via ESA TV, starting 11:45 CET.