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Midwinter crew portrait. Credits: ESA/IPEV/PNRA


ESA-sponsored medical doctor Beth Healey writes about the midwinter celebrations at Concordia: Midwinter is a traditional Antarctic celebration and can be traced back to early Antarctic expeditions. This year marked the centenary of British Explorer Shackleton’s midwinter...

The Concordia crew haven't seen the sun now for over 40 days... Credits: ESA/IPEV/PNRA-B. Healey

Midsummer greetings

Post your images on the Flickr page For Concordia to share some summer sunshine with the 13 people living in the most remote, coldest, darkest place on Earth.

Midwinter, gone with the wind

Alex writes: Midwinter came and went, like a dream.  You can’t holiday from the Antarctic winter – we are locked in here for 9 months, alone as a crew of just 13.  You soon get used to your surroundings and everything becomes very monotonous. We all wanted to break the ‘Great White Silence’ that is the winter around us and chose to go on a holiday of sorts.  During midwinter week, we created various sets using decorations, music, props and costumes that the crew spent a great of time preparing.

Midwinter cooking

Chef Giorgio writes: I was very busy during midwinter. Every day I prepared a different evening meal for the themes we had chosen. They varied from Arabic to Roman flavours. On midwinter day itself we had a gourmet meal themed around polar explorer Ernest Shackleton. I made a specialty from Sardinia where I grew up. Called “Pizzudos di Ovodda” it is a large ravioli, stuffed with melted soft cheese and Pecorino, served with potatoes and a simple basil-tomato sauce and flakes of Parmesan. Sometimes, if I am lucky, I have time for a siesta where I dream up new recipes. Down here in Concordia our dreams are extremely vivid and they have often been inspirational to...

Half way somewhere: Midwinter & Midsummer Greeting...

Alex writes: Another ‘Christmas’ of sorts comes again in Antarctica – arriving on the eve June 21, in a flurry of preparations, costumes, speeches, entertainment, music and dance accompanied by some of chef Giorgio’s best food. It comes at the height of the Northern Hemisphere’s summer. This could be the most international holiday in the world, with all the nationalities staying in Antarctica, regardless of race or religion.  It is a special day and it brings new hope. Please keep sending us your photos of midsummer celebrations.

Short and sweet update from Giorgio

An update from Chef Giorgio: This week marks midwinter, we are at the darkest period, halfway to seeing the Sun again. I decided to start the week by boosting morale for the crew. Chocolate is great for morale when it is cold and dark outside. I woke up 2.5 hours before the rest of the crew and prepared this. Living in Antarctica inspired me to make the penguins… If you wish you can see more photos of the meals I create on my new Facebook page. Please send us your photos of midsummer celebrations, we are enjoying the pictures of the Sun already.