Slideshow of life in Concordia

Slideshow: impressions of life at Concordia research station in Antarctica where the night is long made by poet and IPEV/ENEA-UTA engineer Antonio Literio during his time in the white South.



  • Incredibly fascinating view of something the vast majority of people will never get to experience. I live in an area that experiences four distinct seasons, with cool-to-cold winters and hot summers. What is it like to only experience one season; and, how do researchers deal with months of polar darkness? Sun lamps? A room filled with plants and lights? Thanks!

    • Hello Zach, you are right: sun lamps have great potential in Antarctic stations as a way to preserve sleep and mood during the long polar night. This is exactly what our Sunrise protocol investigates.

  • Patty Heinze says:

    Beautiful! I would love to experience this but my husband and dogs, probably not:)
    As a home-chef, I love having many ingredients available to cook. How do you get supplies to your chef? What is your average diet?

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