Concordia DC9 crewmember Antonio Litterio wrote a last blog entry before 'returning to Earth' after spending over a year at the Antarctic research station Concordia. Antonio recommends you listen to 'Wild Sea' by Roberto Cacciapaglia as you read his epilogue.

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Antonio. Credits: IPEV/PNRA-A. Litterio

Antonio. Credits: IPEV/PNRA-A. Litterio

Here we are, it is time to write an ending to my story and close a chapter of my life, a unique, challenging, and important chapter. In less than three hours a small plane will take me away from what has been my home for thirteen months. This moment seemed as if it would never arrive but finally the day has come. I will leave the pure white, cold Antarctica to return to civilisation, chaos and my loved ones.

I had chased after my Antarctic experience with heart and soul for so long. Years passed of dreaming about Antarctica, to discover its many secrets asked in thousands of questions by my predecessors. Then my opportunity came, my experience tangible, but passing in a blink of an eye. And now it is goodbye forever.

Tears are wetting every letter as I write this, I feel my chest being torn apart and feel breathless. Concordia was an incredible experience, a whirlwind of emotions, the strongest emotions a human being can feel have been unleashed on me in the past year.

I have shouted in anger with all my breath in the dark Antarctic night until I almost fainted, I wanted to punch the walls and then cry and hug the shelters. I felt amazement at seeing circular rainbows, I remain bewitched by the full moon nights but was scared in the dark nights with no light. Unique emotions that only a great love can give.

Concordia Sunset. Credits: IPEV/PNRA-A. Litterio

Concordia Sunset. Credits: IPEV/PNRA-A. Litterio

I will miss all of Concordia, I know that it was not a dream because it has left an indelible mark in my heart. In my mind the past winter feels like a whole life was lived, Concordia invaded me and I invaded Concordia, my heart wants to go away but part of me will remain with the Sastrugi.

There is nothing left for me but to digest this past year that I invested in a place that strips you naked and offers the opportunity to understand who you really are. It will take me some time but I know it will help me become a better person.

I survived my adventure on my own two legs but you have been indispensable to me. I want to embrace you all. From my experience, I understand what affection, love and friendship mean. You are now an integral part of my Concordia....

It is now time to say goodbye it. It is time to go home.

With affection,

Antonio Litterio

Credits: IPEV/PNRA-A. Litterio

Credits: IPEV/PNRA-A. Litterio



  • Mirage says:

    One of the most amazing that i have been reading, almost two years with amazing experiences, near feelings and senses full of light, darkness, and cold...awesome.

    Thanks for all Antonio.


  • Enrico says:

    Mi mancheranno i racconti del tuo fantastico ANTARTIDE

  • Nella De Luca-Bertram says:

    It is been a blessing reading your posts these past 13 months thanks Antonio for sharing such beautiful feelings and experiences, good luck and good bye x

  • Adrianos says:

    When i look at your last photo i can't help it but think of a speeder dashing through the sandy plains of Tatooine (only frozen!), as the suns set.

    Thanks for the inspiring blogs and for your advice, Antonio, enjoy good old Europe from now on.

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