Previous Raid arriving at Concordia. Credits IPEV/PNRA-B. Limouzy

Previous Raid arriving at Concordia. Credits IPEV/PNRA-B. Limouzy

Bruno Limouzy just sent an email from Concordia research station saying the first ‘Raid trail’ is leaving back to the Antarctic coast, just two days after arriving with cargo and equipment.

A Raid trail supplies Concordia with heavier cargo and is an impressive caravan on skis. The trek is over 1000 km with tractors pulling many containers across the white desert of Antarctica with a height difference of 3000 m.

Credits: ESA-K. Oldenburg

Credits: ESA

Bruno has taken part in previous expeditions to supply Concordia and the travel is quite exhaustive just to get to the Antarctic coast. From Paris, France he travelled to Hong Kong on a stopover to Auckland, New Zealand. From there he continued to Christchurch also in New Zealand and had to wait three days until a C130 aircraft flew him to the Italian Mario

Previous Raid arriving at Cap Prud'homme. Credits: IPEC/PNRA-B. Limouzy

Previous Raid arriving at Cap Prud’homme. Credits: IPEV/PNRA-B. Limouzy

Zuchelli station. The next leg of Bruno’s travels took him to Cap Prud’homme on a DC3 aircraft. “A long but beautiful voyage!” says Bruno.

A crew of twelve including Bruno left Cap Prud’homme on 18 November arriving at Concordia on 1 December. They left today for the return journey after unpacking.

Good luck to the crew on their return voyage!