Tank Magazine, Winter 2014/15 issue

Tank Magazine, Winter 2014/15 issue. Copyright: Tank Presse,

In its latest issue, the french communication magazine TANK features an interview with Fernando Doblas, ESA’s Head of Communications. A PDF download of the article – in french language – is available here (with friendly permission by TANK Presse).

Résumé en français:

Dans son dernier numéro, le magazine français TANK, qui traite de la communication professionelle, a publié un entretien avec Fernando Doblas, chef du département de la communication de l’ESA. Vous pouvez télécharger l’article au format PDF ici (avec la permission de TANK Presse).

Communication as a strategic investment

Starting off with strategic aspects of ESA’s communication campaign on the ongoing Rosetta mission (“taking part in common conversation, but also simplification and even a little bit of illusion and imagination”), Managing Editor and Publisher Olivier Breton and Fernando Doblas continue to reflect on how ESA connects and engages with the larger public, the importance of social media by embracing cross-media approaches, the equal importance of target audiences and much more. ‘Communication is an investment into the future, not an expense’, concludes Doblas.

Tank is a french quarterly magazine focusing on professional communication and its relations and interactions with the society, journalism, literature and design, ‘tending to prove that, far beyond its economic function, communication remains a structural discipline in an era that is in quest of meaning and social relationship.’ (tankpresse.eu)