vlcsnap-2014-07-28-16h32m39s228In a cave one faces situations that are always different, where physical abilities require equilibrium and control of your barycentre (hip level). Muscle flexibility is very important, as well as dexterity and ability to quickly find a handhold. To be fit means to be able to do any movement and to do it quickly. But it is not always possible to have a complete fitness programme, for each part of the body.

We do not often realise how perfect a machine our body is. It has all it needs to train itself, even we often think of the gym when we hear the words “fitness training”.

Training your body in its own actual conditions and without weights can be challenging, but it can be done with a few simple moves.

In this fitness programme what I propose as an alternative to isotonic machines is our own body using your arms and legs as levers. The fitness programme is just the physiological and psychological adaptation to sustained efforts for a given amount of time.

Each exercise in this programme can be executed everywhere, without any equipment. You can be hiking and use a tree, or do a pull-up on a wall. You can use branches or rocks, you can throw objects (but be careful). Everything is training.

In fact, the theme is: “there are no rules”. Every movement will help getfitter. A sedentary person does not have enough “control” of their body, while a fit person mostly uses equipment, and does not really work the stabilising muscles, but the agonist and antagonist muscles. It is like building a house without foundation.

This training is a return to the past, with innovation. I was inspired by crossfit, MMA and core training.

As suggestion for your training: keep a diary.
Antonio Bellu

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–     CAVES Fitness Training

–     CAVES Fitness Training – Exercise Summary