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ATV-5 launch in miniature

ATV-5 launch date is rapidly approaching on 25 July in most timezones but Holger Voss recently launched the Ariane 5ES launcher that will lift Georges Lemaître to the International Space Station, albeit it a 1:50 scale model. Great work Holger! … Continue reading

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ATV-5 Ariane fairing design

The fairing on any launcher is the bodywork that protects the launchers payload, in our case ATV Georges Lemaître. Look at the picture of an Ariane-5 booster awaiting its ATV-5 and other stages: without the fairing something doesn’t quite look … Continue reading

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‘Family photo’ in Kourou

A nice note sent in by ESA’s Charlotte Beskow from the team in Kourou working on ATV-5 – Ed. This morning (9 May) we took a ‘family picture’! The people present in Koruou took a short break from the activities … Continue reading

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Achieving crucial milestones: ATV-5 JORR complete

A great update sent in by ESA’s Head of Operations at ATV-CC, Jean-Michel Bois, reporting on the Joint Operational Readiness Review (JORR) in Toulouse on 25 April (your humble editor regrets the delay in posting!) – Ed. On Friday, 25 … Continue reading

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ATV brochures

For ESA’s last ATV, Georges Lemaître, its mission brochure takes a broad look at everything ATV: past highlights, ATV-5 itself and the future with the Orion spacecraft. Read the brochure online, download the PDF for offline reading or printing and … Continue reading

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Over 13 billion years after the Big Bang, Georges Lemaître heads to space

Europe’s space freighter ATV-5 is named after the founder of the Big Bang theory, Georges Lemaître (the theory of the origins of our universe, not the television show). Georges Lemaître was born in 1894 and developed a career as an … Continue reading

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ATV-1 rockets skyward

Sunday was the day: 9 March 2008. ATV-1 Jules Verne was carrying several original Jules Verne manuscripts, a fabulous recognition for the famous writer and thinker.   Post by European Space Agency.  

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ATV-5 mission patches

ATV-5 mission patches available for order! We have this info from, the official ESA partner for mission patch production: For 1-4 ATV-5 patches € 10.00 per patch (within Europe) € 11,50 per patch (outside Europe) Please pay via PayPal … Continue reading

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3D virtual visits: inside and out of the International Space Station

First up – Outside! This is pretty cool! And, in our humble opinion, ATV docking starting around the 2:40 point is the best part! Get an idea of what it feels like to see the International Space Station from the … Continue reading

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How to cook a meteorite for travel to the International Space Station

Ingredients: 1 space-grade silicone polymer 1 meteorite Tools:  Spatula Brush Rotary grinder Vacuum oven Preheat settings: Vacuum oven to 100°C at 0.01 mbar Oven to 400°C The voyage of our reconstituted art-meteorite took a significant step closer to space last … Continue reading

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