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ATV fuel consumption

A while back, a reader asked for fuel consumption figures for our favourite space freighter via the blog’s feedback form: “I would like to have some detailed info on the consumed fuel in kg during the rendezvous phase of ATV … Continue reading

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Arms that never tire: Robots in space! 28 Jan

Join us for a hangout with ESA Astronaut Tim Peake & Rosetta Project Scientist Dr Matt Taylor as they discuss robotics in space missions. #RobotsInSpace Date: Wednesday 28 January 2015 || Time: 17:00 GMT 18:00 CET 11:00 Houston || Access … Continue reading

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Astro Sam working in ATV

Our ATV-5 welcomes a new European astronaut into its massive cargo carrier! At the very back end of the #ISS ready to give “a push” when needed: our #ATV5. I will work there for 1st time today! — Sam … Continue reading

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‘Field of the Sky’ meteorite flying above our skies again

Scottish conceptual Katie Paterson created an artwork ‘Campo del Cielo, Field of the Sky’ based on a 4.5-billion-year-old meteorite that was cast, melted, and recast back into a new version of itself while retaining its original form. The artwork has … Continue reading

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ATV-5 seen from Earth

Astronomer-photographer extraordinaire Thierry Legault has featured before on this blog, but wanted to take images of the International Space Station with ATV Georges Lemaître visible. Taken from a Paris suburb in France, the results are outstanding. Click on  “read more” … Continue reading

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Fabulous shadow view of our favourite cargo vessel

Posted last night by ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst! It is always eerie to cross the terminator. The last rays of the sun cast a shadow of #ATV5 our solar panels. — Alexander Gerst (@Astro_Alex) October 4, 2014

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ATV-5 status update 19 September

A quick update this morning with highlights of ATV-5’s current status, as reported on Friday by ESA’s Jean-Michel Bois at ATV-CC. And this post gives us an excellent opportunity to wish everyone at SpaceUp Toulouse a fabulous weekend and we … Continue reading

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ATV-5 at night

ATV-5 as we like to see it: surfing the galaxy. ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst tweeted this picture yesterday with the text: I never imagined that flying to space would give me a different view of our entire galaxy. ATV’s distinctive … Continue reading

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ATV-5 launch campaign (time lapse)

This time-lapse video shows the ATV-5 Georges Lemaître loading process and its integration on the Ariane 5 launcher before it was transferred and launched to the International Space Station from Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana on 29 July 2014. The fifth … Continue reading

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Replica of the International Space Station made of 221,000 matchsticks

Very, very impressive! That’s more matchsticks than Mt Everest is tall! Well done, Patrick Acton! An #ISS scale model… made from 243 000 matchsticks!? Our ATV Jules Verne is in there too! — ESA (@esa) August 13, 2014

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