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Interactive book on ATV Control Centre

Our friends at France’s space agency CNES have published an excellent interactive book on ATV seen through the eyes of the ATV Control Centre. From the first signatures in 1995 to the last command sent, the web documentary covers five … Continue reading

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ATV: Made in America

Even though the last of the ATVs, Georges Lemaître, ended its mission last month we still have one more country to finish our ‘ATV-Made-in’ series: the United States of America. American company Aerojet supplied ATV’s large 490-N thrusters. Each ATV … Continue reading

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Shining light on ATV

Matt Quail asked us a question via Twitter to @esaoperations based on last week’s ATV fuel consumption article: @esaoperations do you need the yaw manoeuvres because the solar panels are fixed, and you need to be nose-to-Sun the whole time? … Continue reading

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Here be dragons

NASA astronaut Don Pettit posted a great animation of ATV-3 docking from back when he was on the International Space Station in 2012 during Expedition 30/31 [youtube prtpcRascuc]

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ATV: The story of success

One of the coolest ATV videos we’ve seen so far! A fantastic, 2-min video promo clip for ATV-5 produced by our friends over at Astrium. Enjoy! The last 5 seconds are really great!

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ATVs thru the years

A regular ATV-in-the-sky watcher, Ralf Vandebergh, has sent in an excellent collage of ATV-1, -3 and -4. Thank you, Ralf! This is a surprise (to celebrate the 4th successful ATV docking?). Hope you want post it on the blog! However … Continue reading

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How ATV Albert Einstein is the heaviest ever

We got a quick confirmation from ESA’s ATV-4 Mission Manager Alberto Novelli on how Albert Einstein – at 20 235kg – weighs in as the heaviest spacecraft ever lifted by Ariane – more so than any of the three previous ATVs. Alberto wrote: It’s … Continue reading

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Into space with ATV – Back to Earth with Dragon

Students send ‘Message to Earth’ into space via ESA’s ATV and back home via the US Dragon capsule – scroll down for link to complete DVD in YT We have a great little story to share with you today on … Continue reading

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Using astronaut Mike Fossum’s YouTube video to measure ATV acceleration

By Rhett Allain The Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) doesn’t just bring supplies to the International Space Station. It can also be used for ISS reboosts. What is a reboost? In short, during a reboost, the ISS velocity is increased by … Continue reading

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All quiet with ATV… Not!

ATV-3 – 3-7 December 2012: Post-Flight Review ATV-4 – 18 April 2013: Launch (forecast) = L – 4.5 months… Tuesday, 3 December 2012 It has been two months since I last provided some information. You’ll be forgiven for thinking that … Continue reading

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