With one week to go to the opening of the Ars Electronica Festival, Sarah Petkus finally has a chance to catch her breath and explore the space at POSTCITY where she will exhibit her Wandering Artist, Noodle.

The Wandering Artist, Sarah Petkus’ quadrupedal robot, Noodle, explores a hall in POSTCITY. Credit: Sarah Petkus

It has been non-stop action for Sarah since arriving back at her home base in Las Vegas after her 3-week residency at ESTEC. In the intervening period, Noodle has acquired four enhanced tasting appendages with brand new ‘croissant’ brains, and he is becoming independently mobile – you could say he is finding his feet!

In parallel, Sarah has designed her exhibit for the Festival and, along with some friends, built custom display cages for the new feet. Now all that is left is to construct a martian surface in POSTCITY that is fit for a Wandering Artist!

But who better to tell us about what’s been happening than Sarah herself, so sit back and enjoy these video diaries:

Sarah Petkus was awarded the residency in recognition of her submission to the ESA – Ars Electronica Artist-in-Residence programme in 2016, for which she received an honorary mention by the jury.