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Mission control overview screen. Credits: ESA

Mission control overview screen. Credits: ESA

Alexander and Reid’s first task is their main job for this spacewalk. Moving a failed pump module to a different location.The large pump module weighs 100s of kg and is now stored on a movable cart on a universal adapter, called the POA. This adapter could be used for other purposes so it is better to have it free. Mission directors want to keep the pump module for spare parts so it will be moved to a place out of way on the External Stowage Platform near the US Destiny laboratory module.

When ready Reid will move to the new location for the pump module and start preparing the site.

Alexander will place some bags for later at another movable cart and then move to the pump module. From there he will install a foorstrap on the Station’s robotic arm that will let him strap himself in for the ride of a lifetime.

2014-10-07 15_09_53-Watch the spacewalk _ Alexander Gerst's Blue Dot blogAlexander will install and adapter, called an AGB onto the module that allows it to be moved. After releasing the pump module from its POA, Alexander will hitch a ride on the robotic arm with the pump module to meet with Reid and install the pump. Inside the Space Station Butch Wilmore will be in command of the robotic arm.