Commander Sergei Prokopyev, Alexander Gerst and Serena Auñón-Chancellor are on their way to the International Space Station. A series of burns will take their Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft to their new home in space after the automated rendezvous sequence is started at 10:46 GMT (12:46 CEST).

In a series of large and smaller burns the spacecraft will close in on the weightless research laboratory. At 12:37 GMT (14:37 CEST) they reach 2 km, four minutes later 1.1 km, two minutes after that they will be at 640 m from their destination.

These times and burns are estimates calculated on ground and can change. The astronauts will radio in again and will be in their Sokol pressure-suits, seated in the command module, with the hatch closed to the orbital module ready for the rendezvous and docking sequence.

Docking is expected at 13:07 GMT (15:07 CEST) and you can watch the final approach and hatch opening here.