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Humankind’s biggest adventure

One of the most important goals for spaceflight in the near future is Mars where we could find answers to important scientific and philosophical questions...

Media briefing. Credit: NASA

Replay of NASA media briefing

The replay of the Expedition 40/41 media briefing held 18 March 2014. Alexander, Max and Reid answered questions from media and from social media

Testing Sokol suit. Credit: GCTC

Blue Dot training

A new video recaps four years of training learning science, survival techniques, new languages, robotic operations and Space Station systems to prepare for his mission. Alexander discusses basic training, overseeing docking of ESA’s Automated Transfer Vehicle space...

Testing Sokol suit. Credit: GCTC

Tweet your Blue Dot question

On 18 March Alexander and the rest of the Expedition 40/41 crew, Maxim Surayev and Reid Weisman, will be in Houston, USA, holding a press conference. ESA is offering you the chance to have your Blue Dot...

Viking on Mars

Of robots and humans

When the American Viking probe landed on Mars it was attempting to find if there was water on Mars. It did not find any water. It wasn’t until 2008 that the Phoenix lander finally proved that water-ice...

Alexander Gerst beim Training

Fit for space: Pre-flight Medical in Cologne

“You do not have to be a top athlete to be an astronaut, but a good level of fitness is important,” says Alexander Gerst, describing the fitness requirements for an astronaut. In fact, a professional athlete would...

Soyuz Training

Sitting in a spaceship for the first time

In my last entry I wrote that the best moments of my training were when the curious little child in me wakes up and  gets excited. For sure, this will happen more and more often, because when...