Space food: infographics

Learn more about how food is adjusted to microgravity in the latest infographics. Download high-resolution files of all infographics via our Flickr album.         

Vita mission brochure

Get a quick overview of ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli’s Vita mission in this electronic brochure. PDF download possible. Click the image to browse the book

Dragon released

The now fully-staffed Expedition 53 crew was busy this weekend preparing  the Dragon spacecraft for the its return to Earth. It arrived at the Station 16 August and its cargo was carefully unloaded and now packed with...

Paolo working on the Marrow experiment

Paolo’s first month in space – a look at the science

ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli has been busy during the first month in space on his third mission berthing the Dragon cargo spacecraft and assisting in a Russian spacewalk. Let’s have a look at the scientific experiments he...

Expedition 52 crew

Farewell and hello

This weekend ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli will say farewell to three of his crewmates who will leave the International Space Station back for Earth. Fyodor is the current commander of the Space Station so he will hand...

Recycling water on the ISS: an infographic

In honor of World Water Week, learn how the International Space Station recovers up to 80% of wastewater. Download high resolution files of these and all VITA mission infographics via Flickr.         


Testing the Space Station water

During World Water Week ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli will be wrapping up another session of the Aquapad experiment that is hoping to offer a cheap and practical solution to ensuring water quality is high. The water drunk...

SUPVIS Justin experiment: an infographic

Learn more about the SUPVIS Justin experiment Paolo is conducting on the International Space Station during his VITA mission. Besides involving a really cool humanoid robot called Justin, the experiment is demonstrating the technology needed to work...


Quick science on Dragon arrival

When the Dragon spacecraft arrived at the International Space Station on 16 August with fresh supplies and new experiments ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli was waiting to quickly unpack some biological samples and place them in a waiting...


Eclipse from space

ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli and his five colleagues on the International Space Station where lucky enough to be the only people to view the solar eclipse from space. The astronauts prepared by adding solar filters to their...