Expedition 53 members are getting ready for an October full of spacewalks, also called Extra-Vehicular Activities (EVAs): EVA#44, EVA#45 and EVA#46 are set for October 5, October 10 and October 18.
All three spacewalks will last about six hours and a half starting and start around 14:05 CEST. NASA astronaut Randy Bresnik will take part in all three spacewalks together with his NASA colleague Mark Vande Hei for the first two and Joe Acaba for the third one.
ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli will support all spacewalks from inside the Space Station. Paolo will help his crewmates get in their spacesuits and be there to help them back inside when they are finished. Paolo will operate the robotic arm Canadarm2 with Joe.

Today’s spacewalk will replace the Latching End Effector A (LEE-A) on Candarm2. This animation how the two spacewalkers work:

You can watch the spacewalk live on NASATV (coverage starts 12:30 CEST):