Second US spacewalk for Vita mission today

After last week’s spacewalk, NASA astronauts Randy Bresnik and Mark Vande Hei will suit up and return outside today for their second of three planned spacewalks this month.  Today’s tasks include lubricating the new end effector that was...

All about spacewalks: infographics

Learn more about the spacewalk or extravehicular activity (EVA) with the latest infographics. Download these and all the infographics in the VITA mission series via Flickr.       


Expedition 53 prepares for three spacewalks in October

Expedition 53 members are getting ready for an October full of spacewalks, also called Extra-Vehicular Activities (EVAs): EVA#44, EVA#45 and EVA#46 are set for October 5, October 10 and October 18. All three spacewalks will last about...

Sarcolab-3: Infographics

In Paolo’s first week on the Space Station, he and crew mates Randy Bresnik of NASA and Sergei Ryzansky of Roscosmos took part in the Sarcolab-3 experiment studying muscle loss in weightlessness. Last week, the crew repeated...

Space food: infographics

Learn more about how food is adjusted to microgravity in the latest infographics. Download high-resolution files of all infographics via our Flickr album.         

Vita mission brochure

Get a quick overview of ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli’s Vita mission in this electronic brochure. PDF download possible. Click the image to browse the book

Dragon released

The now fully-staffed Expedition 53 crew was busy this weekend preparing  the Dragon spacecraft for the its return to Earth. It arrived at the Station 16 August and its cargo was carefully unloaded and now packed with...

Paolo working on the Marrow experiment

Paolo’s first month in space – a look at the science

ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli has been busy during the first month in space on his third mission berthing the Dragon cargo spacecraft and assisting in a Russian spacewalk. Let’s have a look at the scientific experiments he...

Expedition 52 crew

Farewell and hello

This weekend ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli will say farewell to three of his crewmates who will leave the International Space Station back for Earth. Fyodor is the current commander of the Space Station so he will hand...

Recycling water on the ISS: an infographic

In honor of World Water Week, learn how the International Space Station recovers up to 80% of wastewater. Download high resolution files of these and all VITA mission infographics via Flickr.