Marcia Vilaça during the 2017 Communication Seminar at ESRIN, ESA’s centre for Earth observation in Frascati, near Rome. Credit: ESA-Marco Valentini

Name: Marcia Vilaça
Position: Student Intern
Department: Web, Distribution and ESRIN Outreach Communication Unit – Communication Department

What are your daily tasks?

I work on the creation of the ESA blog you are currently reading. The main goal of this project is to improve ESA young professionals communication outreach and employer branding. My usual tasks are writing articles for the blog, improving its layout and finding ideas for content. It is a great opportunity for me to acquire skills in writing, editing, moderating websites, developing communication and HR strategies and promotion. 

What is your academic background?

I graduated from Pantheon-Sorbonne University with a Bachelor in Human Resources and I would like to continue my studies with a Master in Management and Business Administration. My idea is to become more adaptable to take a transversal approach for all the projects I am working on and choose a specialization later on. 

What is most interesting about your work?

I am in contact with colleagues from all establishments and I am interviewing interesting ESA professionals. I get to listen to them talk about their passion for space and their work. Sometimes, I have to convince them to make an interview for the blog. So, this internship is helping me to improve my communication and persuasive skills.

Why did you choose to join ESA?

The European Space Agency. The name is enough significant to explain my motivations. I have always been passionate by space. Indeed, even when I was a child, I was watching movies and dreaming that I would one day work for a space agency.

Besides, I want to work in a multicultural and international environment, and during this internship, I had the great opportunity to meet people from different European countries and I made rewarding interactions within ESA. From the human point of view, this traineeship made me become more open-minded.

Who or what inspires you at ESA?

I am inspired by my colleagues of the Communication Department. They are all driven by their passion for communications and the European Space Agency. I see how hard they work and their motivation. That is pushing me to give my best for this project.

What advice would you give to students who want to follow your path?

I would advise them to work hard and always believe in themselves. If you had told me the question few years ago that I would be working on such a cool project for ESA, I would not have believed you and here I am! I would also tell other young people to keep studying and get as much professional experience possible.

What would be your dream job?

Without hesitation, working for ESA within the Communication Department! I could see myself managing a project or helping ESA evolve and improve its communication strategy.

Can you describe your experience at ESA in three words?

Enriching, educational and inspiring!