Here’s an update on the second deep-space manoeuvre (DSM-2) with the final assessment based on post-burn tracking data.

The burn took place on Thursday, 11 August, DSM-2 and targeted a delta-v of 17.7 m/second during a run time 155 seconds – just under three minutes.

This was sent in yesterday afternoon from the Flight Dynamics team at ESOC via Chris White, spacecraft operations engineer here on the ExoMars team:

The Exomars DSM2 executed on 11/08/2016 had a nominal magnitude of 17.712 m/s. Based on the orbit determination done today using tracking data up until the end of the New Norcia pass on 17/08/2016, the manoeuvre over-performed by 20.3 mm/s with a direction error of 262 mdeg compared to the requested direction.

The spacecraft are on track and doing well.