Planetary Radio Live was the only public event at the just-completed Planetary Defense Conference 2015 in Italy. Mat Kaplan and Bruce Betts did a great job hosting the programme!

Saving the Planet at the Planetary Defense Conference

AUDIO Guests: William Ailor, Distinguished Engineer, The Aerospace Corporation, Fabrizio Bernardi, Chief Executive Officer, SpaceDyS Paul Chodas, Manager, NASA NEO Program Office, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Lindley Johnson, Near Earth Object Programs Executive, NASA, Detlef Koschny, Co-Manager, Near-Earth Object Segment of the Space Situational Awareness Programme (SSA-NEO), ESA/ESTEC, Amy Mainzer, NEOWISE Principal Investigator, Jet Propulsion Lab Topics: near-Earth asteroids, NEOs, Planetary Society Projects, Planetary Radio Live, Earth impact hazard, Planetary Radio, Earth, Shoemaker NEO Grants, conference report