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Investing in Industrial Innovation – InCubed – is a co-funded programme focused on developing innovative and commercially viable products and services using space borne earth observation

The overview of the process is presented for information and completeness below. You can also find more information in the dedicated channel.

First step: Pitch your Idea 

  • Fill in the Idea Pitch form; ESA will check if you qualify for InCubed co-funding. National delegation(s) will be involved in the loop and decide if they support the idea.   
  • You may be offered the possibility to pitch your idea in a 10 minutes session if requested. These typically happen on a monthly basis to see if it is a good fit for InCubed.
  • A successful idea pitch, with agreement from the supporting national delegation(s) will be invited to fill in and submit Proposal Part 1 [Outline].

Second Step: Submit Proposal Part 1 [Outline] (formerly called Outline Proposal)

  • Fill in the InCubed Proposal Part 1 [Outline] through this tool for assessment. 
  • ESA will provide comments directly onto your proposal following Part 1 [Outline] assessment criteria.
  • If the assessment is positive then you will be  will be invited to submit Proposal Part 2 [Full]; the submission shall not exceed 8 weeks after such communications from ESA. 

Third Step: Submit Proposal Part 2 [Full] (formerly called Full Proposal)

  • Fill in the inCubed Proposal Part 2 [Full] and submit it through ESA-Star.
  • ESA will evaluate your proposal following Part 2 [Full] assessment criteria.
  • Successful proposals will be invited to a negotiation meeting and possibly to the contract kick-off

For more information visit the dedicated site!

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