Artificial Intelligence: European R&D Strategies

All over Europe, governmental strategies and development plans have been set to stimulate and promote R&D for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the solutions it provides.

At present, six countries have officially presented their AI strategy, as well as budget and scope. Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and the United Kingdom have announced investments ranging from € 200M for Finland to € 3B for Germany. All of them are planning, amongst others, to provide funding for new AI-dedicated laboratories and research institutes. Some have focused their strategy on specific sectors, such as Italy towards public services or France towards healthcare, transportation, environment and defence. Most of them also seek to attract AI investors to their country as well as to support the development and growth of innovative start-ups.

Although some countries do not have an AI strategy themselves, they have launched a comprehensive digital plan, in which the issue of AI is often discussed. This is particularly the case of Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg and Spain.

The situation varies between different European countries, with some foreseeing the announcement of an AI-specific development plan (Estonia, Poland and Austria) while others rely more on the private sector in terms of R&D (Ireland, Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland).

The space sector was only explicitly mentioned in two of the AI strategies: that of France and Germany. The French Ministry of Defence have dedicated € 100M per year to AI (including space applications) while the UK will invest £ 93M into robotics and AI in extreme environments (including space).

French President Emmanuel Macron presenting the “AI for humanity” strategy at the AI Summit held at the College de France Research Centre

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