Active blogs presently maintained, although update frequency can vary

Gaia blog – Launch campaign for ESA’s billion-star surveyor mission

Astronauts’ blog – Regular updates from the Class of 2009 astronauts (keyword: #shenanigans)

ATV blog – Reporting on ATV missions to the ISS

Luca Parmitano’s blog – Follow ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano’s Volare mission

Chronicles from Concordia – Updates from the Concordia science research base

Caves’ blog – News from the astronauts and the teams behind CAVES – ESA’s underground training course

Campaign Earth – Reporting on ESA’s ground science campaigns

Rocket Science blog – What’s happening at ESA’s Operations Centre

EO launch campaigns – Behind the scenes with ESA’s new Earth missions

SocialSpace blog – Reporting on European SocialSpace events

Rosetta blog – Rosetta’s 14-year comet journey

Mars Express blog – Interplanetary science from the Red Planet

VMC – the Mars Webcam – An ordinary camera in an extraordinary place!

Raumzeit Podcast – Space podcast series produced in cooperation with the German Aerospace Center (in German)

Blog archives
(no longer updated – but great background information!)

André Kuipers logboek – André Kuipers’ logbook during his mission to the ISS on Expedition 30/31, December 2011 to June 2012 (in Dutch & English)

PromISSe blog – reporting on André Kuipers’ PromISSe mission to the ISS on Expedition 30/31, December 2011 to June 2012

ISS Symposium 2012 – Covering the symposium from Berlin, 2-4 May 2012

CryoSat ice blog – Reporting on the ground expeditions supporting CryoSat