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HTV supply ship

On Tuesday 13 December the Japanese supply spacecraft HTV-6 arrived at the International Space Station. ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet and Space Station commander Shane Kimbrough commanded the 16-m robotic arm to capture the 6000-kg spacecraft and move it to the...


Thomas live with Académie des Sciences

Thomas Pesquet talked to students live from space for the 350th anniversary of the Académie des sciences 6 December 2016. Click on the first video below for a replay of the French original or the second video...

Credits: NASA–B. Ingalls

Proxima launch: I was there!

ESA France editor and space fan, Brigitte Bailleul, went to Baikonour and saw the launch of Thomas Pesquet on november 18. This is her logbook entry for the hours preceding the launch. On 17 November 2016 a number...

Thomas at the first crew conference. Credits: ESA/NASA

One week in orbit

ESA's mission director for the Proxima mission Roland Luettgens reports: After the docking on 19 November and one day of rest, ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet started work on Monday. He appeared surprisingly rested and adapted to life...


The Mares machine

The Muscle Atrophy Research and Exercise System, or Mares for short, is a muscle-measurement machine on the International Space Station that monitors astronauts’ muscles as they work out. Muscle strength decreases during spaceflight and researchers need to...

Thomas Pesquet. Credits: ESA/NASA

First radio school contact for Thomas

ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet will talk to children from a school in Le Palais, France, from the International Space Station using standard radio. The "Amateur Radio on the International Space Station" or ARISS is an initiative to inspire schoolchildren and...


Watch Thomas Pesquet press conference

ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet will call the European Astronaut Centre from the Space Station for a live video conference with media from 14:10 GMT (15:10 CET) 23 November. Watch live below: English version:

Projected docking location with trajectory of International Space Station

The road to rendezvous

Commander Oleg Novitsky, Thomas Pesquet and Peggy Whitson radioed in with ground control and were informed of the expected thruster burns that will take their Soyuz MS-03 spacecraft to the International Space Station after the automated rendezvous sequence is started...

Soyuz MS-03 docking on MRM1 Nadir

Mission director blog: launch and docking

Proxima Mission Director Roland Luettgens sent us this update on launch and docking: Launch preparations went as planned. The launch of Soyuz MS-03 spacecraft occurred at 20:20 GMT with separation of the launch vehicle at 20:29 GMT. The ascent...