Archives of the webcasts from past SpaceTweetup/SocialSpace events.

DLR/ESA #SocialSpace, 22 Sep 2013, German Aerospace Day

SpaceTweetup with André Kuipers, 29 May 2012

80 followers of André Kuipers’ Twitter account were invited to ESTEC, The Netherlands, for a SpaceTweetup 29 May. This video shows the highlight of the day when 10 lucky participants put their questions live to @Astro_Andre in the International Space Station.

CNES/ESA #ATVtweetup, Toulouse, 28/29 March 2012

50 dedicated spacetweeps gathered in Toulouse 28/29 March for the CNES/ESA #ATVtweetup, to watch the docking of ATV Edoardo Amaldi with the International Space Station. As well as talks from ESA and CNES ATV experts, and a tour of the control centre, surprise guests included ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli and Mars500 participants Diego Urbina and Romain Charles.

1st European space tweetup
DLR/ESA #SpaceTweetup, 18 Sep 2011, German Aerospace Day

The first-ever European SpaceTweetup was co-organised by social media teams from ESA and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Cologne, Germany, on 18 September 2011, as part of German Space Day. Sixty keen Twitter users from across Europe, the USA and Canada, enjoyed a packed programme with 11 astronauts, ESA and DLR experts on Rosetta and Philae, SOFIA, Earth observation, as well as exclusive tours of SOFIA, the European Astronaut Centre and other attractions of Space Sunday. The highlight of the day was the group photo, when the spacetweetups were joined by ESA and NASA astronauts.

Non-Agency events, but also very cool!

SpaceUp Stuttgart, 27 October 2012
Space Center Baden-Württemberg (RZBW)

SpaceUp Paris, 25/26 May 2012

First SpaceUp in France, a two-day event hosted by ESA at its Headquarters in Paris and organised by SpaceUp Paris volunteers. The event was attended by 150 people from all over the world, not only engineers, entrepreneurs and scientists, but also developers, students, journalists… all passionate about space and committed to promoting of space exploration.

The full set of videos are available via ESA’s YouTube channel.

1st European SpaceUP event::
#SpaceUpEU Genk, 22/23 September 2012

September 2012 – the first SpaceUP in Europe held at the Cosmodrome in Genk. provided live coverage of this event.