Participant list nearly complete

We have great news: the #Sentinel2Go SocialSpace participant list is almost complete!

During the open application period ending 1 February, we received some 275 valid applications from 47 countries on all continents (except Antarctica, of course).

#Sentinel2Go Credit: ESA & Remco!

#Sentinel2Go Credit: ESA & Remco!

After ranking and assessing all applicants aiming to ensure a diverse and global group, we began issuing invitations on 9 February and have since issued about 140.

Many invitees accepted immediately, some declined immediately and a number of others replied only several days later. We've been keeping an eye on our Gmail account in the past days, and as soon as anyone declined their invite, we issued a new one to someone else on the waitlist.

We have now received confirmations from almost 100 invitees (that's our practical ceiling for participants) and we're just waiting for confirmations from the final few, which we expect to have within Monday, 20 February, when the list will be more or less complete.

The first and most important comment we want to make is: Thank you to every one who applied. We're very sorry that we could not invite everyone – we wish we could!!! Many of you expressed great enthusiasm via social media or in mail for visiting ESOC, meeting and supporting the teams here working on the launch and participating in the #Sentinel2Go programme. We would like to thank you sincerely for your kind words and support.

If you didn't get a seat, we hope you'll apply again for a future SocialSpace event, and for #Sentinel2Go, please do follow the news and the programme via, naturally, social media!

Note that there may yet be one or two cancellations from a confirmed participant. If anyone cancels, we will immediately issue an invite to someone on the waitlist. There is, therefore, a small chance that new invitations may be issued. If so, we'll mention it via Twitter and in the Facebook group.

What's next?

We will send an info email to all participants early next week, with details on the event, the programme and the activities here at ESOC on 6-7 March. We'll also provide details on the WiFi connectivity, and practical details on the catering, where/when to arrive, what to bring, etc.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via mail, via the Facebook group or via Twitter.

The programme is shaping up very nicely and it's going to be a fantastic event!


Social media graphics

The ESA graphics team at ESRIN have sent us a super-nice set of social media graphics for the upcoming #Sentinel2Go launch SocialSpace event at ESOC. There's an avatar, headers for Twitter, FB and G+ and wallpapers for phone, tablet and desktop. Feel free to use!

Grab individual graphices below, or get the whole set in one zip file here.

Join us for #Sentinel2Go launch on 6-7 March 2017 at ESOC!

In case you missed it elsewhere: Apply to join us for our #SocialSpace event being held in conjunction with the launch of Europe's Sentinel-2B satellite during the night of 6-7 March 2017 at ESA’s mission control in Darmstadt, Germany.

Are you passionate about our planet, how satellites help us understand its functions and sharing via social media? Then our next SocialSpace event is for you.

In Europe, it will be the place to be for the Sentinel-2B event, and invitees will get an exclusive insider's look at the launch, at the incredible science, engineering, applications and businesses behind Copernicus, Europe’s most ambitious Earth observation programme ever, and meet the experts who are making it happen.

Not sure what Copernicus is? Or how ESA is playing a key role in flying the Sentinel missions? Click here to learn more!

Social Media reporter/influencer? Join us for @Thom_Astro’s launch event in Paris

ESA astronautThomas Pesquet

Are you a savvy social media reporter, blogger, journalist in the field of science, technology and/or space? Then join us for the joint ESA-CNES launch event of ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet next Thursday, 17 November 2016, in Paris.  Thomas will blast off to the International Space Station ISS from Baikonur, Kazakhstan around 21:20 CET/local Paris time, with the event starting at 19:00 CET.

While the launch event itself will take place at La Géode in Paris, social media reporters will be located at the amazing Fablab of Cité de Sciences, directly opposite La Géode, which will be equipped with performant wifi and wired LAN connectivity, of course tables, chairs and a large screen to follow the live video transmission and catering.

Before you apply, please make sure you check here that you meet the eligibility criteria, then register here by 13 November. Overall capacity and in particular places during the event at La Géode are limited. Please note that this is not a SocialSpace (former SpaceTweetup), but a social media journalist accreditation for a joint ESA-CNES launch event, with both VIP's and the public taking part. You will be provided with interview possibilities and may of course use photograpy and video. If you will be accredited you have to bear the expenses related to your travel to and stay in Paris.

In case you can't make it, you may follow the launch live on or at

Also make sure you follow Thomas on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Confirmed attendees

Participants: #SocialSpaceWA, New Norcia, Western Australia, 10-11 Feb 2016

Here's the final updated list of participants confirmed for today and tomorrow.

Kirsten Gottschalk

Perth, Aus

@ICRAR, @raspberrysauce, @_theSkyNet

Conrad Pires

Perth, Aus

@conradpires, Instagram/conradpires

Glen Nagel

Canberra, Aus

@CanberraDSN, @Astro0Glen

Carol Redford

Gingin, Aus

FB/StargazersClub, @StargazersClub

Matt Fone

Sydney, Aus

@mattfone, Instagram/mathu83, FB/mathufone

David Kelley

Perth, Aus


James Baily

Adelaide, Aus

+JamezFrondeskias, @frondeskias

Andrew Thomas

Market Harborough, UK


Michaela Jeffery

Brisbane, Aus


Peter Lieverdink



Duncan Hamilton

Sunshine City, Aus


Stuart McAndrew

Perth, Aus

@ssshocker, @ozqube1

Susan Belford

Fremantle, Aus


Matteo Vinci

Perth, Aus

@matteovinci, @sprenintl_aus, FB/matteovinci, Insta/matteovinci

Tara Foster

Sydney, Aus

@taraustralis, Instagram/Taraustralis, SnapChat/Taraustralis




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