CallAlex: Webcast replay 22 August

Watch the replay of ESA's SocialSpace event, Friday, 22 August, live from the European Astronaut Centre, Cologne, Germany, for the #CallAlex in-flight call with ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst on board the ISS. Programme started at 13:00 CEST with an introduction and briefing by ESA astronaut Frank De Winne. In-flight call started at 14:55 CEST.

Full webcast is below; here is the direct link to just the in-flight call with #CallAlex Q&A.

Watch live streaming video from eurospaceagency at

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Tweetups v2.0

A very happy update today to our earlier post announcing Angie Kanellopoulou (@akanel)'s Hitchhiker’s Guide to Tweetups – we've gone multilanguage!

More precisely, you've gone multilanguage, as the IT, FR, DE, NL, ES, and GR versions were translated by some of our community's most keen tweeps. Many thanks to Angie for overseeing this project, and super-duper space thanks to the volunteer translators:

  1. Italian: @amoroso – Paolo Amoroso
  2. French: @Brigitte_Ba – Brigitte Bailleul
  3. German: @starlingLX – Alex von Eckartsberg
  4. Dutch: @justbe74 – Joachim Baptist
  5. Spanish: @wicho – Javier Pedreira
  6. Greek: @jkanel – John Kanel

You guys officially ROCK! :-)

How to access

Link bundle via (all language versions - PDF)

Individual links via (PDF)

  1. EN - English
  2. FR - French
  3. DE - German
  4. IT - Italian
  5. GR - Greek
  6. NL - Dutch
  7. ES - Spanish


Join us today – no matter where you are

Today's #LucaTweetUp gets under way at 16:00 CEST at ESRIN, near Rome. Here are a few details on our man..

Luca selfie Credit: ESA/NASA/L. Parmitano

Luca selfie Credit: ESA/NASA/L. Parmitano

Luca Parmitano hardly needs an introduction; briefly, here's the more or less official stuff!

Luca's a very experienced pilot with the Italian air force. He was selected as one of six new ESA astronauts in 2009. He completed his first mission to the ISS – the Volare mission – as part of Expedition 36/37, in 2013, spending May-November in orbit. His second EVA, in July 2013, was aborted after just over an hour due to a malfunction in his spacesuit, which resulted in his helmet partly filling with water.

Now for the fun stuff!

First off, his selfies (one is above, taken during his second, problematic EVA) were fabulous (and ranked in the 50 best space photos of the year in 2013).

Next, he's an avid social media friend (@astro_luca) and blogger (Luca Parmitano blog) and he's taken part in a number of ESA's social media events, including the first-ever European SpaceTweetup at DLR Cologne in 2011.

Technical Barbies

Technical Barbies with Luca!

Next, not only does he post to his community in SocMed, he's also been known to actually provide Tweeps with rides home!

Astro Luca drives tweeps home Credit: @nhaima or @timmermansr (we can't remember which...)

Astro Luca drives tweeps home Credit: @nhaima or @timmermansr (we can't remember which...)

Finally, my personal favourite photo of Luca, taken at ESOC by my good friend @AndreasSchepers in 2011 – long before his Volare mission but still looking very #ReadyForSpace!


Luca Parmitano at ESOC in 2009 Credit: A. Schepers

Luca Parmitano at ESOC in 2009 Credit: A. Schepers

Have a great day following today's #LucaTweetup (details in a separate post shortly).