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ESA/ASI Team at Malindi tracking station, Kenya, ready to catch the first signals from ExoMars Credit: ESA

To catch a signal

This is the joint ESA/ASI engineering team at Malindi ground station, in Kenya, seen a couple days ago during the final ExoMars launch rehearsal. They will be the most-watched team anywhere later tonight, when their 2m-diameter tracking...

This labyrinth of power, data and propellant lines is found inside the Mercury Transfer Module, the powerful haulage vehicle tasked with transporting ESA’s BepiColombo mission on its 7.5-year journey to the innermost planet. This is the flight model, which was on public display at ESA's ESTEC Open Day, 2 October 2014. The two wrinkled-looking silver spheres are propellant tanks. Credit: ESA–A. Le Floc’h

AOS BepiColombo

We have AOS !! Yesterday afternoon, telemetry signals from the BepiColombo flight model spacecraft were received at ESOC, the mission control centre, for the first time.

Sentinel-1A Separation

Separation in space: the backstory

This superb footage was acquired by cameras on the Soyuz Fregat upper stage that released Sentinel-1 into orbit on 3 April 2014. It shows the Sentinel-1 satellite separating from the Fregat to start its life in orbit...

#AOS by ESA’s Perth station

ESA’s 15m tracking station at Perth, Australia, has acquired signals from NASA’s Juno and is now following the mission’s progress until about 23:45 CEST.