Improve the Space Station tour

ESA published a full street-view tour of the International Space Station to explore with video explanations from astronauts and links to websites:

But, perhaps this can be improved?

We want your comments! What explanations are missing? Are there important parts of the Station we missed? Or exciting astronaut explanations you think we should add? Is there an object, system or device that intrigues you and you want more information about it? Let us know via the comments below this blog post and we will do our best to answer them and update the panoramic tour.



  • Dave Gilbert says:

    This is great! The one feature you’re missing is a way to share a link to a particular view (Like the way you can share a location on most terrestrial map sites) – for example I’d love to show you where I found the ISS’s supply of cocoa…..

  • I am fascinated by the way you reach us and I need a bit more information on how communication is organized on ISS

  • Anja says:

    Awesome! Fantastic! I did not miss anything at this moment!

  • Phil says:

    Great site and I love the detail. I would like to see higher resolution so I can zoom in and see more detail. Like switch labels for instance.

  • Would it be possible to have an audio commentary subtitling at least English or better still in a language of choice ? Anyway moving inside the ISS is great !

  • Helen Schell says:

    Its great and i will be using it for primary school children so that they can understand the lay out of the ISS. It needs a photo of the station in space as many people still don’t know what it looks like. A great addition to this would be to make an exterior interactive tour as well.

  • G Paleologopoulos says:

    I’d like to see more explanatory annotations.

  • Hello,I have nothing to add, I am very satisfied with your website, thank you

  • Jose says:

    Congratulações! Para os Tripulantes da Expedição 44. Astronautas Scott Kelly (Comandante); Kjell Lindgren; (NASA) | Kimiya Yui (JAXA) e Cosmonautas Mikhail Kornienko e Oleg Kononenko (Roscosmos). Envolvidos em suas atividades rotineiras, nos estudos; investigações e experimentos laboratoriais em pesquisas avançadas, científicas e tecnológicas.
    Contribuindo ativamente, para à evolução humana e o benefício da Humanidade, na Terra.
    Em minhas observações investigativas, relacionado à ISS. É incrível! À engenhosa máquina espacial, é eficiente e ampla nos seus Módulos de Compartimentos, transmitindo segurança, com seus computadores precisos e outros instrumentos sofisticados de tecnologia de ponta. Sobre o comando de uma equipe, bem estruturada e eficaz. Apta a solucionar quaisquer problemas, em qualquer situação de emergência.
    Isto é o mínimo, que penso sobre a Estação Espacial Internacional.

  • patrick says:

    would it be possible to move the plan of the ISS to the side of the screen as it does affect the view.

    Otherwise it’s fab!

  • robert h. peters says:

    I think the tour is great and i can’t think of anyway to improve on it i like it just the way it is. Also I would like to thank you for the amazeing articals that I have received I look forward to viewing them weekly Thank you

  • stuart lee says:

    Recommend that you list the major activities that go in each module as you show it. Maybe even label important pieces of hardware with links to where one can learn more about them.

  • Jamie Springett says:

    please make it so that you can make the tour fullscreen

  • Bhavana Vashisht says:

    Best tour I have ever taken ! 🙂
    I would love to see myself flying across ISS , user should be able to see themselves virtually
    and to make it more realistic user should be able to experience this in full screen mode . I want to know about the material used in the making of ISS and the science behind them, how does crew manages malfunctioning ,also about the exterior of ISS and space walks .How the data of ISS is transmitted to Earth ,*brief history of ISS .
    Can also add about the records set up by ISS astronauts , price of spacesuit and equipments, people who made the dream of making ISS true…

  • Jose Costa Moreira says:

    Great idea. I loved to see the two covers of Biolab floating free of gravity. Thank you ESA..

  • Dave Maddison says:

    Some suggestions:
    – It really needs a full-screen mode.
    – The “Change Control Mode” button has no visible feedback.
    – Layers like a cartography map: ESA supplied POI, user contributed etc

  • grigtod says:

    This is great walkthrough of the ISS. I have some suggestions that could improve the user experience.
    The first thing is a button for full screen view. I would like to enjoy the 360 images in full screen.
    Since the aspect ratio of the window is not similar to aspect ratio of the videos 1/3 of the video window is not visible. Full screen button for the videos will be useful as well.
    Another thing that could be improved upon are the buttons for interactions. It would be very helpful if they change colour once clicked so that the users won’t click on the same interaction button twice. That’s pretty much it. It’s a very interesting walkthrough and the crew members are doing an amazing job explaining things in the videos.

  • marco casaro says:

    solamente puedo decir: ¡ESPECTACULAR!

  • Joachim Fischbuch says:

    This is a fantastic Documentation of the ISS inside,
    with great explanation from Samantha

  • Eidur says:

    I miss the ability to navigate into some missing modules. Quest, Rassvet, Poisk, Leonardo and the Cupola could all have their own panoramic views, and maybe the ROS dockings too.

  • julio e. says:

    awesime, great tags and links, but , cursor up and down affects the main esa page as well as the photo, had to use the laptop padmouse, awesome

  • sera que estou em alagoinha? says:

    Sera que estou em alagoinha?

  • Hansart says:

    Some suggestions:
    – The window is too small. It would be good to have a “maximize” button to view in full screen
    – The “Show Information” button is useless, as it only provides information that already exists
    – The information is very scarce. Where do the astronauts sleep? Where do they control the attitude of the ISS? etc. It would be good to have the possibility to pinpoint a specific object with the mouse and click on it to view information.
    – I don’t understand the function of the “Change Control Mode”
    – It would be nice to have a possibility to see the space or earth outside through one of the windows

    Thank you

  • Hagenfeldt says:

    It’s great!
    It would be nice to have some hints to where to look, as some viewers may forget that up/down counts also 🙂

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