The Estrack teams at ESOC will be on console today to track the descent of the Chang’E-3a lander and rover, followed by surface radio location support to the lander.

New Norcia station, W. Australia Credit: ESA/S. Marti

New Norcia station, W. Australia Credit: ESA/S. Marti

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Engineers will also be working on site at New Norcia (NNO) and Cebreros (CEB) stations in Australia and Spain.

At ESOC, work began just after 11:00 CET this morning, with engineers staffing the Estrack control room to conduct some final verification checks on the network connections to NNO and CEB.

NNO’s tracking of the descent (open-loop recording) starts at 13:26 CET and will continue through the lunar-descent phase to assist in radio location tracking of the lander on the surface (until19:45 CET), to help fix its precise locations.

CEB comes online at 17:05 CET for radio location tracking (we need two stations for the ultra-precise Delta-DOR location-fixing technique), also lasting until 19:45 CET.