GOCE re-entry region

Update from ESA’s Space Debris Office at ESOC, using information provided by ESA partners and the US tracking network.

In close cooperation with USSTRATCOM, ESA’s Space Debris Office gives the following estimated results for GOCE re-entry:

  • The atmospheric interface at ~80 km altitude occurred, following a USSTRATCOM confirmation, at the latest, at 01:16 CET (00:16 UTC) 11 November 2013
  • This would correspond to a geographical location of approx. 60 degree West and 56 degree South, near the Falkland Islands

This would put the main area over which any possible GOCE remnants fell to the southernmost regions of the Atlantic Ocean.

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  • Mariapaola says:

    Great, wow.

  • MapleWalnut says:

    Thanks for all of your updates yesterday and today; it was fun to follow along. Nice to see that the spacecraft performed so well, even in its final hour.

  • Ema says:

    Thats near, most near Tierra de Fuego, Argentina, that Islas Malvinas (Argentina)

  • Gloria says:

    Thanks for keeping us informed. Good job.

  • Jan says:

    Nice work. Of course, there will always be those who view this sort of thing as some disaster-waiting-to-happen… So we do our best to share the information you provide, but some folk still see it as trusting to luck, rather than scientists running computation after computation 🙂

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