GOCE gives in to gravity

Close to 01:00 CET on Monday 11 November, ESA’s GOCE satellite reentered Earth’s atmosphere on a descending orbit pass that extended across Siberia, the western Pacific Ocean, the eastern Indian Ocean and Antarctica.

GOCE Credit: ESA /AOES Medialab

GOCE Credit: ESA /AOES Medialab

As expected, the satellite disintegrated in the high atmosphere and no damage to property has been reported.

Full text via ESA web


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  • Holger says:

    Farewell GOCE. The technical implementation – namely the throttable ion propulsion subsystem – was more than a challenge for us. We were near to loose hope several times in early 2007, and now, after all these years of successful mission, there is a little teardrop in my eyes and a lot of pride in my heart.

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