GOCE burning: Last orbital view

A fabulous photo acquired by Bill Chater of GOCE in The Falklands last night, at 21:20 local – about 01:20CET this morning, and posted in Twitter. Bill wrote:

Driving southwards at dusk, it appeared with bright smoke trail and split in 2 before splitting again into more and going on north

This would be the final view ever of ESA’s GOCE satellite as it disintegrated and burned, some 80km high in the atmosphere. Good work, Bill!



  • Wolf says:

    Disclose.tv yesterday released a video of the re-entry of GOCE near the Falkland Islands. Looks real.
    Regards, Wolf

    • Daniel says:

      Hi Wolf: Thx for visiting the Rocket Science blog and following GOCE. We’ve removed the link in your comment to the video in Disclose.tv because we do not believe this video to be genuine (it’s been reviewed by GOCE mission experts and scientists at ESA). GOCE broke up over the Falkland Islands just after 01:00 CET; the video you linked to shows something entirely different.

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