ESOC update at 22:35 CET

GOCE Operations Manager Christoph Steiger has just reported:

Spacecraft still functioning nominally in Fine Pointing Mode, as seen in the last Troll pass just made at 22:16 CET (21:16 UTC). Temperature of central computer and battery now around 64 degC (some converters of the central computer already at 80 degC). Next possible visibility again over Troll at 23:42 CET (22:42 UTC).



  • Andy says:

    Is there an estimate of the current altitude ?

  • Mauro says:

    David, thanks for Goce’s Swan Song. What’s the evolution of speed, drag force, altitude? Thank you again.

  • Susanne says:

    Hi! Thanks a lot for your status updates! it’s really fascinating that the S/C is still working nominally in Fine Pointing Mode with increasing computer temperatures… do you know at which temperature it will eventually fall into a Safe Mode or will there likely be other alarms on attitude rates or so triggering earlier? And can you tell us the current altitude?

  • Rahere says:

    About the only significant target in the trajectory is the Kourou Space Centre, well within the reentry drift. Return to sender?

  • Mauro says:

    Hoops,… sorry Daniel

  • Jan Olav Roine says:

    Little surprised that the air traffic in Australia was not affected in any way. The area was paced with air planes while a orbit in this condition passed. Hope there will be some restrictions when the orbit get close to used public air-routes again. Parts of the route is passing well known and heavy trafficed plane routes.

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