Track GOCE in orbit

Our tracker widget is now turned off! The GOCE mission is complete.

Thanks to Chip at for an excellent service that helped us see where GOCE had been!



  • David DeMambro says:

    great story Ihope to see it reenter that would be a sight

  • Jan Stromback says:

    Is the altitude in the widget above the actual altitude or the otherwise normal predicted altitude with a normal orbit?

    • Daniel says:

      Hi Jan: The widget shows the (actual) altitude as detected by the USStratcom tracking radars; it lags by roughly half a day (i.e. it’s not real time) – but it’s reasonably accurate and will be valid until the altitude starts to drop rapidly. It’s meant to give an approximate visualisation only… Cheers!

  • Tony says:

    Is the red line supposed to represent the path that it makes all the time?

    Then most of us clearly have nothing to worry about.

    • Larry Mennemeier says:

      It goes from pole to pole so it could hit anywhere as the Earth spins beneath it. I don’t know if it is headed North or South right now.

      • Rahere says:

        2116GMT over Troll with a 1h26m return means it’ll be over the Northern Hemisphere for about 40 mins between 2135 and 2215, then between 2255 and 2335, and if it hasn’t reentered, 0015 and reentry.

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    The craft and Ion engine should have been docked at the space station for future use.

  • Jenna says:

    Hey Daniel, i just have a question about airtraffic and the satelite. I think it’s so scary to think of something that will crash into the earth. Is the satelite any threat to aircrafts that fly around in the world? Would it be a system that will give information so nobody get injured? Will the pieces that don’t burn up still follow the orbit?

  • Dena Daryabeigi says:

    I hope it doesn’t splatter anyone, myself included. Seems w all the technology we have, we’d have figured out a better way to manage them when they’re “out of fuel”. Why is it even coming back to Earth? I thought it’d just float away endlessly to Infiniti and beyond. Earths gravitational pull?

  • jostdom says:

    Are any aeroplanes able to hit by the satelite?
    Any oilplatforms or boats in dangerous position to be hit an destroyed?

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