Penumbral lunar eclipse tonight

Michael Khan describes tonight’s penumbral lunar eclipse in his Scilogs blog.

Late in the evening of Friday, 18 October 2013, the Moon will move into the part shadow of the Earth. The event starts at 23:50:38 CEST, the maximum will be reached at 01:50:17 CEST (19.10) and it ends at 03:49:49 CEST.

Lunar eclipse 18 Oct. Credit: NASA/GFSC

Lunar eclipse 18 Oct. Credit: NASA/GFSC

We have a full moon tonight in Germany (otherwise there would be no lunar eclipse); sunset happens at 18:10; depending on where you live, the Moon will rise after 19:00.

More information via NASA here; download a PDF (Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of 2013 Oct 18) here.

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