INTEGRAL Picture Of the Month January 2015

Integral manoeuvre update

The performance of the second manoeuvre on 24 January was perfect; we are now exactly where we want to be in terms of orbit.

IXV mission profile

IXV mission profile

Launched into a suborbital trajectory on ESA’s Vega rocket from Kourou, IXV will return to Earth as though from a low-orbit mission.


Integral: The Big Burn

Integral is conducting thruster burns to optimise its scientific life while ensuring a safe re-entry in the 2029.


A year on-station for Gaia

Time flies when you’re mapping a billion stars! One year ago, Gaia performed its last major orbit insertion burn and was stable at “L2”


Tracking a ghost mission 238 million km away

Basically, Venus Express is ghosting along in its orbit, with the pericentre height (height of closest altitude above the surface) during each orbit steadily decaying due to gravity and natural perturbations.


Reddit AMA: Ask me anything

We're some of the engineers and scientists working on flight dynamics, operations and science for Rosetta (orbiter) and Philae (lander) and we're looking forward to your questions.