Perth station Credit: ESA CC BY-SA IGO 3.0

ESA tracking stations support Soyuz

Estrack engineers Gerhard Billig and Robert Launer have been at Santa Maria and Perth, respectively, for a number of days now, helping configure the stations for launcher tracking.

ESOC Navigation Support Office Credit: ESA/J. Mai

Knowing where Galileo flies

On 19 March, ESA's Navigation Support Office generated the first 'Precise Orbit Determination' (POD) for a Full Operational Capability (FOC) Galileo satellite.

IXV floating and waiting for recovery


IXV glided through the atmosphere before parachutes deployed to slow the descent further for a safe splashdown in the Pacific Ocean.

IXV Spacecraft Operations Manager Stephane Dussy CVredit: ESA/P.Shlyaev

MCC Turin

Updated pictures from mission control at Altec in Turin.