IXV floating and waiting for recovery


IXV glided through the atmosphere before parachutes deployed to slow the descent further for a safe splashdown in the Pacific Ocean.

IXV Spacecraft Operations Manager Stephane Dussy CVredit: ESA/P.Shlyaev

MCC Turin

Updated pictures from mission control at Altec in Turin.


IXV tracking & recovery ship

The tracking and recovery ship, Nos Aries, is now in the Pacific Ocean getting ready for this week’s crucial IXV mission.

IXV mission profile Credit: ESA/J. Huart

Update at 18:59 CET

Report from Flight Operations Director Gerhard Billig on today's simulation for next week's IXV mission. We are simulating the full mission until end of splashdown today; so far TM has been received from Libreville and Malindi...