Credit: Marieke Roth

Comet 67P floating off the coast of Holland

More than just the usual brilliance in this one! Haha @miekeroth heeft komeet #67P neergelegd in het IJsselmeer, bij Lelystad #Rosetta — ESA Nederland (@ESA_nl) August 12, 2014

The team at ESOC at the end of the experiment. The screen at the back shows that the rover has returned to its original position and the network has successfully operated for 1hr 49min. Credit: ESA/L.Wellard

METERON: riding high on success (video)

The future exploration of unknown worlds and dangerous areas took a giant leap forward yesterday when the Multi-purpose, End to End Robotic Operations Network was successfully validated in an experiment involving ESA, BUSOC and the International Space...

The last image that the rover sent Alex as he was supervising. Credit: ESA/L.Wellard

METERON: Swapping drivers

During a forseen LOS, or loss of signal, the team at Darmstadt are making some big decisions. Alex Gerst on the ISS is not in visibility, so they will resume some control of the Eurobot rover. This...


METERON: Alex behind the wheel

Alex is now working on the steps outlined by the team. The experiment being carried out today will validate this procedure for controlling vehicles from extended distances. In the future, it may even validate procedures for exploring...



All systems are now GO. Alex is ready to drive the Rover, and is giving a preliminary interview with NASA. If you're staying up to date in real time you can watch the experiment here  . We are...


METERON: Alex will drive a rover from space

It's less than two hours to go before Alexander Gerst will team up with the METERON Ops-Com 2 team located at ESOC in Darmstadt, Germany, to drive the Eurobot Rover, located at Estec, the Netherlands,  from the...

Flight dynamics at ESA. Credit: ESA/J. Mai

How Rosetta arrives at a comet

After travelling nearly 6.4 billion kilometres through the Solar System, ESA’s Rosetta is closing in on its target, but how does a spacecraft actually arrive at a comet? The journey began on 2 March 2004 when Rosetta...

Venus Express aerobraking Credit: ESA

Venus Express aerobraking: quick update 18 July

Today's update on the orbit raising manoeuvres of Venus Express, following the aerobraking campaign, is provided by acting spacecraft operations manager Joerg Fischer: Everything appears nominal so far. We have completed eight orbit correct manoeuvres (OCMs), each raising the...

Venus Express aerobraking Credit: ESA

Venus Express rises again

  After a month surfing in and out of the atmosphere of Venus down to below 130 km from the planet’s surface, Venus Express has embarked on a 15 day climb up to the lofty heights of 460 km. Over...


The hottest, bumpiest week yet for Venus Express

Venus Express is now in the final week of its aerobraking campaign, and the spacecraft is about as low as it’s going to get. At last pericentre passage, its altitude was only 129.9 km - and this...