Ariane performed flawlessly, ATV Amaldi is safely in orbit and we’ve got a mission. Next stop? The ISS!

To celebrate the upcoming docking, Love & Mersey, one of Europe’s top Beatles tribute bands, have produced a rocking music video: Back at the ISS.

The song is a ‘greeting to space’ — to ESA astronaut André Kuipers and Russian cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko; the two will work side-by-side on the ISS overseeing the critical docking of ATV-3. Appropriately, it’s performed in English, Russian and Dutch — three languages that André speaks.

Thanks to Jan, Marcel and the entire band for a fabulous video greeting to space — and best wishes to André, Oleg and everyone on board for the arrival of ATV!!

(Turn on captions to view English lyrics)

Watch the world premiere of Back at the ISS right here in the ATV blog, or access the HD version in ESA’s YouTube channel.

Want to hear more music that André listens to in space? Access his playlist here.


Music: J. Hovers; performed by Love & Mersey
Lyrics: (English & Dutch) J. Hovers ‐ (Russian) A. van der Linden‐Krasnopeeva
Camera: M. van der Linden & J. Hovers
Video editing: M. & A. van der Linden

PERMISSION: Back at the ISS may be freely reused for non‐commercial purposes but may not be altered in any way. All usage must include the following credit/copyright citation: All music and lyrics Copyright (C) 2012 Love & Mersey. Original video credit ESA, used with permission.